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We Are Hiring: Project Manager Wanted!

Hello, this is iPNOTE!


Many innovative companies and patent attorneys have joined the platform already, acknowledging iPNOTE as the best target CRM!

Thanks to our development team, it all works, which we would like to strengthen with a project manager.

The core outcome of our project manager is to ensure that the team completes the sprint on time and with high code quality.


What needs to be done daily?

Set tasks for the development team and control process in Jira;

Plan and organize meetings (sprint planning, daily stand up, demo, retro)

Systematize and optimize the work processes



Experience starting from 2 years in the role of project manager, consistency, responsibility for the result


We love and use:




Docker, Docker Compose

GitLab CE

Angular 10


What we offer:

Exciting and ambitious tasks, decent salary, and the ability to work from any place in the world.

We have a healthy corporate culture — together, we go hiking, rafting and come up with something exciting every year.

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