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We Are Hiring: Marketing Director!

We are looking for the most enthusiastic Marketing Director to join our team to assist our aggressive international expansion!

What to do:


1. Determine the strategy and content of marketing communication sequences for current and potential users. We have over 40,000 unique contacts and over 1,000 active users, as of now.
2. Design & enhance the digital marketing strategy (PPC on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc). There is an existing foundation to build upon. It is crucial at this moment to improve and scale.
3. Develop a closed community around the product, SMM (LinkedIn), and PR in thematic media.
4. Recruit your own team and promote our product as you’d like, as long as it brings results.

With whom:


1. A super-strong top management team: Sales Director from Madrid, Bizdev from New York, Product Management from Yandex and Ozon, and I – a Patent Attorney with ten years of IP business experience.
2. A cool full-time Internet Marketeer can set up ads on any channel.
3. Eager and affordable copywriters/journalists in the USA.

We offer:


1. Insanely ambitious tasks and opportunities.
2. A fair salary.
3. Accolade for demonstrated results, devotion, and loyalty.



1. Fluent English
2. Global experience in promoting a B2B product (obligatory).
3. Responsibility, initiative, honesty, efficiency, and a positive approach to work.


Contact us: [email protected]

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