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Register Your Trademark in the USA

Protect your brand with our trademark registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local trademark attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

+ govt fees from $250/class

Protect your brand with our trademark registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local trademark attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

AI assistant
Free global trademark and patent searches, easy task creating and more
Local IP Attorneys
More than 800 IP law firms from 180+ countries, ranking and reviews
Guaranteed Security
Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results
Fully Online
24/7 registration and case data access with auto-sync to the patent offices

How it works

Within minutes, create a request with an AI assistant and receive offers from dozens of local IP attorneys
Review offers, compare them, and select the most suitable option. Complete your transaction securely
Stay informed on the progress and communicate with your attorney through the platform until the process is complete

Trademark Registration in the USA

From $199 + govt fees from $250/class

  1. An AI-powered IP assistant that helps you create a detailed assignment within minutes.

  2. Selection of the most suitable local trademark attorney based on specific criteria.

  3. Trademark search, review of goods and services, consultation, and application filing done by an attorney.

  4. Online monitoring and reporting on the platform throughout the entire process.


Key Milestones and Services


  • More than 800 IP law firms from 150+ countries, ranking and reviews

  • An AI-powered IP assistant that helps create tasks and find relevant attorneys

  • Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results

  • 24/7 access to the registration process and online data storage for all your cases


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trademark?
A trademark stands as a distinctive emblem, term, or expression, embodying the essence of a brand or organization, setting it apart from its counterparts within the market.
How much does it cost?
The expenses associated with trademark registration fluctuate based on the specific country and the scope of services required. Usually an offer for trademark registration is based on type of trademark, number of classes, priority claim, and registration fee. Our exceptional service ensures utmost transparency, offering you a competitive and predetermined fee for each application within every country.
What is the difference between a trademark, a service mark and trade name?
A trademark serves as a linguistic expression, symbol, visual representation, or artistic design that serves to identify and set apart the origin of tangible goods. Conversely, a service mark operates in a similar manner, but its purpose lies in distinguishing the source of services rather than physical products. On the other hand, a trade name denotes the designated name utilized to identify a specific business or company.
What countries can I register my trademark in?
With an extensive network of experienced attorneys, we offer comprehensive assistance in trademark registration across more than 180 countries globally.
What are ICGS classes?
ICGS stands for International Classification of Goods and Services, also known as the Nice Classification. This classification system provides a comprehensive list of 45 classes from which applicants can select when seeking to trademark a specific good or service. The total number of ICGS classes and the quantity of goods directly impact the registration cost, making it important to carefully choose only those goods and services that will genuinely be produced under the intended trademark.
What are trademark registration stages?
There are 4 main stages – Filing (the attorney prepares necessary documents and files your trademark), Examination (any interested party can file an opposition against the registration of the trademark in question), Granting (you get an electronic certificate in a couple of minutes), and Renewals (pay a trademark renewal fee after 10 years from the date of filing).
What is The Madrid System?
The Madrid System is a global trademark registration system designed to streamline the process for businesses to safeguard their trademarks across 128 countries. However, The Madrid System has its disadvantages,that's why generally it is much cheaper and transparent to apply in each country through iPNOTE.
What is trademark priority?
Claiming priority is a common tactic employed by applicants to safeguard their trademarks and prevent competitors from registering identical trademarks. By leveraging the principle of priority, applicants can base their subsequent trademark applications on an earlier-filed application. This can be done as long as the subsequent applications are submitted within 6 months from the first-filed (priority) application. This strategy effectively strengthens the applicant's position and hinders potential conflicts in trademark registration.
What is necessary to register a trademark?
You need to decide a format of trademark (a picture, a word, or a combination), number of ICGS classes, a proof if you have used a trademark before, and a foreign application if you want to claim priority.

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Trademark Registration in the USA


Registering a trademark is an essential step for any business. It's worth taking care of intellectual property rights from the start of your project to protect your brand from infringement and damage to reputation by another company.
If you're looking for a reliable lawyer or firm specializing in intellectual property, consider using iPNOTE services. iPNOTE is an international platform that focuses on patents, trademarks, and other types of intellectual property. Our services extend beyond registration, as we assist you in finding the right contractor, simplifying legal procedures with speed and efficiency, and reducing costs by up to 5 times.
What do you need to register a trademark in the United States?
  • Ensure that the same or very similar logos, names, and other branding elements are not already taken by another company;
  • Determine the category of goods and services;
  • Gather and complete the required documentation in the specified format (provide logo image samples, a comprehensive list of the products to be marketed under the trademark, documents confirming commercial use, etc.);
  • Pay the registration fee;
  • Submit the application for review.
The time for decision-making after submission varies depending on the country, for example, it may take 12 to 18 months in the USA.
You can read more about the registration process, grounds for refusal, requirements, and other details here.
What difficulties do companies usually face when registering a trademark in the United States?
Trademark registration is one of the most popular IP services in the United States.With increased competition and diversity in business, protecting a unique identity has become crucial.
When deciding to protect their brand, most entrepreneurs choose one of two options:
  • Handle the entire process themselves, including searching for lawyers in the regions where they plan to operate, gathering documentation for the application, and organizing a database and payments;
  • Turn to a large law firm specializing in intellectual property and delegate it to them.
The problem with the first approach is the significant amount of time and effort required. If you don't have an in-house lawyer, you'll need to involve other specialists and spend time understanding the intricacies of the law. Any mistake can slow down the process.
The second option is undoubtedly more convenient but can be very expensive.
iPNOTE, however, offers a solution to both issues.
Why should you choose iPNOTE?
  • Our services are 5 times cheaper than those of large law firms. The preparation of documents is 10 times easier than attempting to do it on your own.
  • We provide a user-friendly public marketplace where you can explore service providers, leave feedback, and get in touch with their representatives. The system automatically generates invoices from the providers. iPNOTE provides the opportunity to collaborate with contractors while minimizing unnecessary intermediaries.
  • With iPNOTE, you'll definitely find a suitable contractor. We guarantee at least one proposal within 48 hours, but usually, multiple options are available within a few hours.
  • All service providers on the platform are verified. The certification process for intellectual property specialists is conducted manually, ensuring thorough verification rather than relying on automated systems.
  • iPNOTE partners with lawyers from different countries, so you can find a contractor for trademark registration in any country.
How does trademark registration via iPNOTE work?
The majority of trademark-related tasks are standard in nature and can be completed by experienced professionals in just a few hours. To find your intellectual property lawyer through iPNOTE, you should:
  1. Fill out a short form to create an account on the platform.
  2. Create a task for trademark registration in the desired region. We operate in the United States and worldwide.
  3. Choose a contractor from the providers we recommend.
  4. Receive the completed documentation.
If you're not satisfied with the result, we will provide a refund. If you find the selected contractor unsuitable during the course of work, we'll offer a replacement.
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