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Register Your Trademark in China

Protect your brand with our trademark registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local trademark attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

govt fees from $40/class

Protect your brand with our trademark registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local trademark attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

AI assistant
Free global trademark and patent searches, easy task creating and more
Local IP Attorneys
More than 800 IP law firms from 180+ countries, ranking and reviews
Guaranteed Security
Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results
Fully Online
24/7 registration and case data access with auto-sync to the patent offices

How it works

Within minutes, create a request with an AI assistant and receive offers from dozens of local IP attorneys
Review offers, compare them, and select the most suitable option. Complete your transaction securely
Stay informed on the progress and communicate with your attorney through the platform until the process is complete

Trademark Registration in China

From $250 + govt fees from $40/class

  1. An AI-powered IP assistant that helps you create a detailed assignment within minutes.

  2. Selection of the most suitable local trademark attorney based on specific criteria.

  3. Trademark search, review of goods and services, consultation, and application filing done by an attorney.

  4. Online monitoring and reporting on the platform throughout the entire process.



  • More than 800 IP law firms from 150+ countries, ranking and reviews

  • An AI-powered IP assistant that helps create tasks and find relevant attorneys

  • Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results

  • 24/7 access to the registration process and online data storage for all your cases


Our clients


Sherridge, UK
At a glance iPNOTE is a platform designed for professionals. But at the same time they have so helpful customer support that got me through all stages literally by hand. Being client oriented is a relic feature for modern digital services that trying to automate almost each step.
Thanks for the excellent service. I managed to register my trademark swiftly and without unnecessary hassle.
Insense, USA
Very convenient service that helped us register our trademark in a few days. I want to mention the help of the CX team and especially Alex. They helped me and were always in touch. We will use it for registration in other countries.
s16vc, USA
Amazing service! I needed to register a trademark in multiple jurisdictions and IP Note helped me. Reliable, fast and transparent process, easy communication with patent attorneys all over the world. Highly recommended.
Besample, USA
Easy and fast to onboard, many useful insights. Definitely will continue to use it.
Biomicrogels Group, UK
User-friendly app with great functionality and design! All necessary information about IP in one place. In addition to information about patents, there is the ability to set reminders and tasks, track progress, and communicate directly with service providers. And yes, the marketplace is an excellent opportunity to save a significant part of IP budget!
Practico, USA
Great service, thank you! I didn't understand the trademark registration process at all and just want someone to do this job for me. They did it, I'm happy!
I liked working with the Ipnote. Clear, convenient process of finding contractors + there is constant support from the service itself on many issues. We were able to file trademark applications in the USA quickly. Now we will continue in other countries, using the help of the service.
Nucular, Hong Kong
Very professional and fast work. We recommend this company for trademark registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trademark?
A trademark stands as a distinctive emblem, term, or expression, embodying the essence of a brand or organization, setting it apart from its counterparts within the market.
How much does it cost?
The expenses associated with trademark registration fluctuate based on the specific country and the scope of services required. Usually an offer for trademark registration is based on type of trademark, number of classes, priority claim, and registration fee. Our exceptional service ensures utmost transparency, offering you a competitive and predetermined fee for each application within every country.
What is the difference between a trademark, a service mark and trade name?
A trademark serves as a linguistic expression, symbol, visual representation, or artistic design that serves to identify and set apart the origin of tangible goods. Conversely, a service mark operates in a similar manner, but its purpose lies in distinguishing the source of services rather than physical products. On the other hand, a trade name denotes the designated name utilized to identify a specific business or company.
What countries can I register my trademark in?
With an extensive network of experienced attorneys, we offer comprehensive assistance in trademark registration across more than 180 countries globally.
What are ICGS classes?
ICGS stands for International Classification of Goods and Services, also known as the Nice Classification. This classification system provides a comprehensive list of 45 classes from which applicants can select when seeking to trademark a specific good or service. The total number of ICGS classes and the quantity of goods directly impact the registration cost, making it important to carefully choose only those goods and services that will genuinely be produced under the intended trademark.
What are trademark registration stages?
There are 4 main stages – Filing (the attorney prepares necessary documents and files your trademark), Examination (any interested party can file an opposition against the registration of the trademark in question), Granting (you get an electronic certificate in a couple of minutes), and Renewals (pay a trademark renewal fee after 10 years from the date of filing).
What is The Madrid System?
The Madrid System is a global trademark registration system designed to streamline the process for businesses to safeguard their trademarks across 128 countries. However, The Madrid System has its disadvantages,that's why generally it is much cheaper and transparent to apply in each country through iPNOTE.
What is trademark priority?
Claiming priority is a common tactic employed by applicants to safeguard their trademarks and prevent competitors from registering identical trademarks. By leveraging the principle of priority, applicants can base their subsequent trademark applications on an earlier-filed application. This can be done as long as the subsequent applications are submitted within 6 months from the first-filed (priority) application. This strategy effectively strengthens the applicant's position and hinders potential conflicts in trademark registration.
What is necessary to register a trademark?
You need to decide a format of trademark (a picture, a word, or a combination), number of ICGS classes, a proof if you have used a trademark before, and a foreign application if you want to claim priority.

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Trademark Registration in China


Protecting your brand's trademarks in China is crucial for businesses looking to establish their presence in the Chinese market. With a rapidly growing economy and a large consumer base, China offers immense opportunities for businesses to expand and thrive. However, with the rise of counterfeiting and trademark infringement, it has become essential for businesses to register their trademarks in China to protect their brand identity and reputation. Let’s dive into trademark registration in China and see how it can benefit. 

Key Features of Trademark Registration in China

Trademark registration in China provides exclusive rights to the owner, allowing them to use and profit from their trademark while preventing others from using it without permission. This not only protects your brand's reputation but also ensures that you have the legal grounds to take action against any infringement. Some key features of trademark registration in China include:

  1. Protection for both registered and unregistered trademarks: In China, trademark protection extends to both registered and unregistered trademarks. This means that even if you haven't registered your trademark, you may still have some level of protection under certain circumstances. However, registering your trademark provides stronger and more comprehensive protection.
  2. Simplified procedures for determining infringement: China has made efforts to streamline its procedures for determining trademark infringement. This includes establishing specialized intellectual property courts and implementing stricter penalties for infringers. By registering your trademark, you can take advantage of these simplified procedures and have a stronger case against infringers.
  3. Cost-effective registration process: Registering a trademark in China is relatively cost-effective compared to other countries. The application fees are reasonable, and the process can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes to protect their trademarks in China.

When and Why to Register a Trademark in China?

Registering a trademark in China can be beneficial for businesses at any stage of their operations. Whether you are planning to enter the Chinese market or already operating in China, registering your trademark can provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Protection against trademark infringement and counterfeiting: China has long been notorious for its counterfeit products and trademark infringement. By registering your trademark in China, you can proactively protect your brand against these threats and take legal action against infringers.
  2. Establishing your brand's presence in the Chinese market: Registering your trademark in China not only protects your brand but also helps establish your presence in the Chinese market. It gives consumers and potential partners confidence in your brand's authenticity and quality, which can lead to increased sales and partnerships.
  3. Preventing others from profiting off your brand's reputation and goodwill: By registering your trademark, you prevent others from using your brand's reputation and goodwill for their own gain. This ensures that you have exclusive rights to use your trademark in the Chinese market and can maintain control over your brand's image and reputation.

Process of Registering a Trademark in China

To register a trademark in China, you will need to go through a registration process with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The process involves several steps, including:

  1. Conducting a trademark search: Before applying for registration, it is important to conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that your desired trademark is not already registered or similar to existing trademarks. This helps avoid potential conflicts and rejections during the registration process. Try iPNOTE AI trademark search tool for free! 
  2. Preparing the necessary documents: You will need to prepare certain documents for the trademark registration application, including a clear image of the trademark, a list of goods or services that the trademark will cover, proof of identity and applicant information, and receipts for application fees.
  3. Submitting the application: Once you have prepared the necessary documents, you can submit your trademark registration application to the CNIPA. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property to ensure that all necessary documents are prepared correctly and to navigate any potential challenges during the registration process.

Finding a Reliable Lawyer for Trademark Registration in China

iPNOTE is a platform that connects businesses with experienced lawyers for their intellectual property needs. Our database includes agencies from China and other countries, all manually verified for their credentials and competence. By using iPNOTE to find a lawyer for trademark registration in China, you can benefit from:

  • Access to reviews from previous clients for each lawyer: iPNOTE provides reviews and ratings from previous clients, helping you make an informed decision when choosing a lawyer.
  • Guaranteed finding a qualified provider within 48 hours: iPNOTE ensures that you will find a qualified attorney for your trademark registration needs within 48 hours, saving you time and effort in searching for the right legal representation.
  • Affordable rates compared to major firms: iPNOTE offers competitive rates for legal services, making it more affordable compared to major law firms.
  • Option to change lawyers and request a refund if the work does not meet expectations: iPNOTE provides flexibility by allowing you to change lawyers or request a refund if the work does not meet your expectations.

Don't leave your brand's trademarks vulnerable in China. Register on iPNOTE and easily delegate the task of trademark registration to professional lawyers, ensuring the protection and success of your business in the Chinese market. Start protection with our AI Assistant right now!