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Manage your IP portfolio online and reduce costs in a half

Cheaper Faster Easier

Control and analyse all your IP rights, work with local IP attorneys, and save your time and money.

Control and analyse all your IP rights, work with local IP attorneys, and save your time and money.

Lower IP management costs

Gain access to a large selection of international providers, fixed-term deals and complete transparency!

Eliminate routine processes

Automate tasks creation, reminders and quick access to your IP portfolio.

Collaborate actively

Make the most of the online collaboration with our tools for internal and external providers.

Intellectual Property Management made easy

Hasta la vista to old school spreadsheets, tons of emails, and siloed communication.

Easy IP portfolio management

Easy IP portfolio management

Absolute control and detailed analytics

All your IP rights are built into a single hierarchy; get easy access in just a few clicks. See what you should pay attention to with the unified dashboard.

Products and R&D management

You can manage not only patents but also products and developments. Track progress and connections with different IP rights, companies, and intangibles.

Advanced task management

Advanced task management

Set tasks and monitor productivity

Set tasks and get fixed-price offers from providers. Track the progress and approve the work done.

Unified work format for all providers

All providers use the same tools; you can even pay the provider via the chat in different currencies. A dummy-proof platform that keeps your entire portfolio organized and secure.

Provider marketplace

Providers marketplace

Choose from among hundreds of contractors

The iPNOTE marketplace includes many attorneys, patent offices, and other providers from all over the world. Select providers based on their pricing, rating and reviews.

Fixed-term deals

Discuss prices right in the chatbox. Chat history is stored forever. Deal terms are fixed at the moment, when you accept the respective offer.

Human and digital support

Human and digital support

We'll remind you of important tasks

The AI digital assistant analyzes your patent portfolio every single minute. It can set a reminder, create a task, pay fees, and renew any patents.

We'll help you save even more

Your personal manager will find you the right contractors, help with translation, provide a report and answer any IP-related questions.

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Get started in 10 minutes

  1. ImportIP portfolio data

    Easily transfer your IP portfolio, product, and development data to the platform. In fact, we can do it for you!

  2. Choose or addproviders

    Add your contractors to platrofm or find new ones in the iPNOTE marketplace. Create tasks, track statuses, and communicate via chat.

  3. Simple workflowmanagement

    Delegate IP tasks to attorneys all around the world, and monitor their workflow in a single browser window.

  • Arbitration of transactions

    The contractor will only get paid after you accept their work. We keep deal’s history forever.

  • Reliable data protection

    iPNOTE works strictly in accordance with the privacy policy, and every provider signs a NDA.

  • Role-based access control

    Assign roles and allow partial or full access to any data on the platform.

Skip the routine,
save time and money

Your personal iPNOTE manager will resolve any issue to save you time and money.

Ann Smith

Your personal IP manager

  • Delegate routine processes

    The manager will not only answer all your questions but will also take on important management tasks.

  • Get reports at any time

    Just send a message to the manager via chat and get a report on current IP portfolio status.

  • Decrease cost

    Your manager will advise how to reduce risks and save on IP management.

  • Need to file a patent in China? But how do you find the right contractor?

  • I'll go ahead and create a task to get offers

    There are 5 offers available. Here’s the comparison. I think №3 suits you best. Best price and rating

  • Fine, let's go with number three. Could you monitor the task progress?

  • Of course, the task is already in progress. You will get notified when it moves to another stage.

Our clients


Sherridge, UK
At a glance iPNOTE is a platform designed for professionals. But at the same time they have so helpful customer support that got me through all stages literally by hand. Being client oriented is a relic feature for modern digital services that trying to automate almost each step.
Thanks for the excellent service. I managed to register my trademark swiftly and without unnecessary hassle.
Insense, USA
Very convenient service that helped us register our trademark in a few days. I want to mention the help of the CX team and especially Alex. They helped me and were always in touch. We will use it for registration in other countries.
s16vc, USA
Amazing service! I needed to register a trademark in multiple jurisdictions and IP Note helped me. Reliable, fast and transparent process, easy communication with patent attorneys all over the world. Highly recommended.
Besample, USA
Easy and fast to onboard, many useful insights. Definitely will continue to use it.
Biomicrogels Group, UK
User-friendly app with great functionality and design! All necessary information about IP in one place. In addition to information about patents, there is the ability to set reminders and tasks, track progress, and communicate directly with service providers. And yes, the marketplace is an excellent opportunity to save a significant part of IP budget!
Practico, USA
Great service, thank you! I didn't understand the trademark registration process at all and just want someone to do this job for me. They did it, I'm happy!
I liked working with the Ipnote. Clear, convenient process of finding contractors + there is constant support from the service itself on many issues. We were able to file trademark applications in the USA quickly. Now we will continue in other countries, using the help of the service.
Nucular, Hong Kong
Very professional and fast work. We recommend this company for trademark registration.

Compatible with any IP portfolio size

Discover what the platform is capable of for free and choose the plan that suits your business needs best. You can switch tariffs at any time.


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Active IP rights1050150
Supportfirst monthpermanentpersonalpremium
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