Trademark Registration in Bulgaria: Empowering Businesses
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Bulgarian Trademark Tactics: Empowering Businesses through Registration

By Konstantin Tahtadjiev, KOSTADIN TAHTADJIEV EOOD


Trademark registration serves as a cornerstone for businesses seeking to fortify their brand presence and shield their intellectual property in the competitive marketplace. In Bulgaria, understanding the intricate process of trademark registration is vital for businesses aiming to secure their brand identity and gain a competitive edge.


This comprehensive guide unravels the nuances of trademark registration in Bulgaria, shedding light on the eligibility criteria, reasons for refusal, detailed registration process, required documentation, opposition procedures, associated costs, and the manifold benefits of trademark registration in this dynamic market.



1. What Can be Registered as a Trademark in Bulgaria?

2. Reasons for Refusal of a Trademark Application in Bulgaria

3. The Detailed Process of Trademark Registration in Bulgaria

4. Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Bulgaria

5. Trademark Opposition Process in Bulgaria

6. Trademark Costs in Bulgaria

7. Why File a Trademark in Bulgaria?

8. Conclusion

1. What Can be Registered as a Trademark in Bulgaria?


In Bulgaria, trademarks encompass a diverse array of elements, including words, names, symbols, colors, shapes, logos, sounds or any combination thereof, which serve to distinguish the goods or services of one entity from those of others. However, trademarks must possess distinctive characteristics and cannot consist solely of signs or indications that denote generic qualities or have become customary in trade practices.

2. Reasons for Refusal of a Trademark Application in Bulgaria


Trademark applications may encounter refusal in Bulgaria if they fail to meet stringent legal standards outlined in the Trademarks and Geographical Indications Act. Absolute grounds for refusal include lack of distinctiveness, inclusion of prohibited signs, or contravention of public policy or morality which are examined ex-officio, while the relative grounds for refusal include potential confusion with existing earlier trademarks, provided the owner of earlier rights file an opposition within the prescribed 3-months opposition period throughout the prosecution stage

3. The Detailed Process of Trademark Registration in Bulgaria


1. Trademark Search: Before initiating the registration process, it is prudent to conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ascertain the availability of the proposed trademark and mitigate potential conflicts with existing applications and/or registrations. Use iPNOTE AI search tool


2. Filing the Application: The trademark registration process commences with the submission of a formal application to the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO). The application includes details such as the applicant’s information, representation of the trademark, and a list of goods or services covered in Bulgarian language.


3. Examination Phase: Upon receipt, the BPO conducts a thorough examination of the application to assess its compliance with statutory requirements under the absolute grounds for refusal. This entails scrutinizing the trademark’s distinctiveness, eligibility, and conformity with legal norms.


4. Publication in the Official Bulletin: Upon successful completion of the formal and absolute grounds examination phase, the trademark application is published in the Official Bulletin, signaling its pending registration and allowing potential oppositions from third parties.


5. Opposition Period: A crucial stage in the registration process, the opposition period spans three months from the date of application’s publication. During this window, third parties have the opportunity to lodge objections against the trademark’s registration, citing relative grounds for refusal such as prior rights or potential confusion.


6. Resolution of Oppositions: In the event of oppositions, the BPO facilitates a formal opposition procedure to adjudicate disputes and reconcile conflicting interests. This may entail negotiation, evidence submission, or adjudication by the BPO’s competent authorities.


7. Registration and Issuance of Certificate: Upon successful completion of the opposition period or resolution of oppositions in favor of the applicant, the trademark is duly registered, and a certificate of registration is issued by the BPO, conferring exclusive rights to the trademark holder.

4. Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Bulgaria


To initiate the trademark registration process in Bulgaria, applicants are typically required to furnish the following documentation:


  • Completed trademark application form.
  • Representation of the proposed trademark.
  • Comprehensive list of goods or services covered by the trademark in Bulgarian language.
  • Evidence of payment of requisite application fees.
  • Power of Attorney form, provided trademark representative has been appointed

5. Trademark Opposition Process in Bulgaria


During the opposition period, third parties aggrieved by the potential registration of a trademark can lodge formal objections with the BPO, citing grounds such as prior rights or likelihood of confusion. The opposition process facilitates a structured mechanism for resolving conflicts and safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved. Also check how to register a trademark in Italy

6. Trademark Costs in Bulgaria


Trademark registration fees in Bulgaria are contingent upon various factors, including the number of classes of goods or services covered by the trademark and the mode of application submission. 


Professional fee (3 classes included)$300
Government fee (3 classes included)$314
Government fee for each additional class$17


The trademark registration cost in Bulgaria via the iPNOTE platform starts from as low as $614, which includes all government fees and document preparation. Find the best IP attorney in Bulgaria on iPNOTE.

7. Why File a Trademark in Bulgaria?


In today’s dynamic global economy, strategic decisions regarding intellectual property assets can significantly impact a company’s bottom line and long-term success. For foreign companies eyeing expansion opportunities, registering trademarks in Bulgaria offers not only legal protection but also a myriad of economic benefits. Here’s why:


Stellar Economic Performance: Over the past year, Bulgaria has demonstrated impressive economic resilience and growth, outpacing many other European Union (EU) countries. This robust economic performance underscores Bulgaria’s status as an attractive investment destination with untapped potential for foreign companies.


Burgeoning Startup Ecosystem: Bulgaria has emerged as a vibrant hub for startups, particularly in the burgeoning IT sector. The country offers a supportive business environment, access to skilled talent, and favorable regulatory frameworks, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and innovators looking to launch their ventures. Registering a trademark in Bulgaria enables foreign startups to protect their brand identity and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic Bulgarian market.


Market Access and Expansion: Registering trademarks in Bulgaria provides foreign companies with a strategic entry point into the broader European market. With Bulgaria’s membership in the EU, trademark registration offers access to a market of over 440 million consumers, facilitating expansion opportunities and revenue growth for foreign companies seeking to capitalize on the region’s economic dynamism.


Strategic Geographical Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Bulgaria occupies a strategic geographical position that offers significant advantages for trademark holders. As a border country with Turkey, Bulgaria serves as a gateway to the European Union (EU), facilitating trade and commerce between Europe and Asia. Registering a trademark in Bulgaria provides foreign applicants with a foothold in the EU market and strategic access to emerging markets in Eastern Europe and beyond.


Effective Enforcement of Trademark Rights: While the European Union Trademark (EUTM) offers unitary protection across all EU member states, which unitary character is its main drawback as it can be challenged in invalidation proceedings in its entirety on, it may present challenges in terms of enforcement, particularly in jurisdictions with differing legal systems and practices. By registering a trademark in Bulgaria in parallel with an EUTM, foreign applicants can benefit from a dual protection strategy that enhances their ability to enforce trademark rights effectively. Bulgaria’s forthcoming accession to the Schengen Area further strengthens the enforcement mechanisms, providing foreign trademark holders with streamlined procedures and access to broader legal frameworks for protecting their intellectual property rights.


Combating Counterfeit Goods: Bulgaria’s proximity to Turkey, a major source of counterfeit goods entering the EU market, underscores the importance of robust trademark protection in the country. Registering a trademark in Bulgaria equips foreign applicants with the legal tools and mechanisms to combat counterfeiting and piracy effectively, in particular by applying customs measures. With enhanced enforcement measures and access to cross-border cooperation initiatives, trademark holders can safeguard their brand reputation, consumer safety, and revenue streams from illicit trade activities originating from Turkey and other regions.


Access to Supportive Intellectual Property Ecosystem: Bulgaria boasts a well-developed intellectual property ecosystem that provides foreign applicants with access to comprehensive legal services, expert advice, and administrative support for trademark registration and enforcement. Whether through specialized law firms, intellectual property agencies, or government institutions, foreign applicants can leverage Bulgaria’s expertise and resources to navigate the trademark registration process efficiently and protect their brand assets effectively.


Enhanced Brand Visibility and Consumer Trust: A registered trademark in Bulgaria enhances a foreign company’s brand visibility, credibility, and reputation among Bulgarian consumers. Studies show that consumers are more likely to trust and purchase products or services from brands with recognized trademarks, leading to increased sales, market share, and brand loyalty for foreign companies operating in Bulgaria.


Investment Incentives and Supportive Business Environment: Bulgaria offers a favorable business environment characterized by low corporate tax rates, competitive labor costs, and a skilled workforce. Additionally, the Bulgarian government provides various incentives and support programs to attract foreign investment, including grants, tax breaks, and infrastructure development initiatives, further incentivizing trademark registration and business expansion in the country.


Strategic Alignment with Growth Objectives: Registering trademarks in Bulgaria aligns with foreign companies’ strategic growth objectives and long-term profitability goals. By securing trademark rights, companies demonstrate their commitment to the Bulgarian market, strengthen their market position, and position themselves for sustained growth and success in the region’s burgeoning economy.

8. Conclusion


Trademark registration in Bulgaria stands as a pivotal mechanism for safeguarding brand integrity, fostering innovation, and fostering a conducive environment for business growth. By navigating the trademark registration process with diligence and foresight, businesses can fortify their market position, mitigate risks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in Bulgaria’s dynamic business landscape. Embracing trademark registration not only fortifies brand resilience but also propels businesses towards sustained success and recognition in the global marketplace.




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