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How to Cut Down 13.553 € on IP Registration?

Task: Entry to the national/region phase in 9 countries/regions, included official fees, request of examination, translations, and power of attorney.


The European agent composed an offer for €38.600 (one of the most honest agents). 

The total price from seven new direct patent attorneys via iPNOTE was €22.770 + iPNOTE commission €2.277 

The client’s profit comprised to €13.553


Costs by countries:

  • USA – €1.712  
  • Canada – €1.475 
  • Australia – €2.354 
  • Korea – €2.567 
  • China – €1.309 
  • Japan – €2.850 
  • UAE – €2.966 
  • Qatar – €2.750 
  • Europe – €4.785 


There is no miracle in these numbers if you know that the IP associate’s service charge is not as large as many people think. But if you are working with an only agent, you need to understand how much money you are overpaying. Save your time and money! It is easy with iPNOTE!

The iPNOTE platform features more than 700 IP law firms that cover more than 150 countries, so you can always find the right direct service provider using our flexible filtering system. Take a look at our directory of providers

Sign up for free and we’ll help you solve any IP problem. 

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