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We Are Hiring: Sales Manager Wanted!


  • You will have to communicate with customers worldwide

  • Active sales experience. You’ll have to make lots of calls, attend meetings both offline and online, that should not be something new to you.

  • CRM proficiency. We work on an IP automation tool, and as so, we know the benefits automation brings to business.

  • B2B sales experience. Our customers are businesses, so you’ll need to know how sales funnels work in the b2b and have an experience working with this segment.

  • Marketing experience is a plus.



  • You’ll need to collect requirements from the customer, prepare an offer, control the contract at every step.

  • Tracking KPIs and analyzing metrics will be your daily job.

  • Meeting customers, hosting calls, and negotiations will be a decent part of your workday.

  • Another important task is to keep track of all deals in the CRM.



  • You can work from any place in the world, just make sure you can schedule and attend meetings.

  • You will be directly reporting to the CEO, who is also a product owner. So, you’ll be always on top of all changes and current product development activities.

  • We provide an opportunity to attend and speak at major global innovation events.

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