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Patent Maintenance in the UAE

After being granted a patent, it's crucial to maintain it by paying annual maintenance fees. Failure to do so could result in the patent lapsing and loss of protection for the invention

+ govt fees from $55

After being granted a patent, it's crucial to maintain it by paying annual maintenance fees. Failure to do so could result in the patent lapsing and loss of protection for the invention

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Patent Maintenance in the UAE
From $120 + govt fees from $55
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is patent maintenance?
Patent maintenance refers to the ongoing process of keeping a granted patent in force by fulfilling certain requirements and paying fees to the patent office.
What are annual maintenance fees for patents in the UAE?
Maintenance fees for patents in the UAE are usually calculated based on the number of years since the patent was granted and the type of patent (e.g., utility, design).
How are maintenance fees calculated in the UAE?
The fees involved in patent maintenance include maintenance fees, late fees, and other fees for filing necessary documents.
What happens if maintenance fees are not paid on time?
Failure to pay maintenance fees on time in the UAE may result in the patent lapsing or becoming invalid. It is crucial to adhere to the specified deadlines to maintain patent protection.
Can maintenance fees be paid retroactively in the UAE?
In the UAE, maintenance fees are typically not allowed to be paid retroactively. Once a deadline for payment has passed, it may not be possible to reinstate the patent, and the rights may be lost.
Is there a grace period for paying maintenance fees in the UAE?
The UAE Patent Office may offer a grace period for paying maintenance fees, typically with an additional fee or penalty. However, it is advisable to pay fees on time to avoid the risk of losing patent rights.
Can maintenance fees vary based on the type of patent?
Yes, maintenance fees in the UAE may vary based on the type of patent. For example, maintenance fees for utility patents may differ from those for design patents.
How can I pay maintenance fees for my patent in the UAE?
Maintenance fees for patents in the UAE can usually be paid through the online portal provided by the UAE Patent Office. Alternatively, payments may be made via bank transfer or other accepted methods.
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Patent Maintenance Services in the UAE: Ensuring Long-Term IP Protection


Securing a patent is only the beginning of protecting an invention. Maintaining that protection over the patent's lifespan is crucial to ensuring ongoing exclusive rights. In the UAE, patent maintenance involves several critical tasks that must be performed timely to keep the patent in force. 

The Importance of Timely Maintenance in the UAE

Timely maintenance of patents is vital to retain the exclusive rights conferred by a patent grant. Failure to perform necessary maintenance activities, such as paying renewal fees, can result in the lapse of patent rights. This not only undermines the patent holder's ability to protect their invention but also opens the door for competitors to exploit the technology without legal repercussions. In the UAE, maintaining a patent ensures ongoing protection and maximizes the return on investment in innovation.

Key Aspects of Patent Maintenance Services in the UAE

  • Renewal Fees: Patent holders must pay annual renewal fees to the UAE Ministry of Economy to keep the patent in force. These fees are required every year after the patent is granted, up to a maximum term of 20 years.
  • Monitoring Deadlines: Keeping track of renewal deadlines is critical. Missing a renewal deadline can lead to the patent expiring prematurely. Professional maintenance services help in monitoring these critical dates and ensuring timely payments.
  • Record Keeping: Accurate and up-to-date records of all maintenance activities, payments, and official communications are essential for compliance and future reference.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring all actions comply with UAE patent laws and regulations is crucial. This includes adhering to any changes in the legal framework that might affect maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Professional Patent Maintenance in the UAE

  • Avoiding Lapses: Professional services ensure that all deadlines are met and payments are made on time, preventing unintentional lapses in patent protection.
  • Cost-Effective Management: Efficient handling of maintenance tasks reduces the risk of incurring additional costs due to missed deadlines or non-compliance penalties.
  • Expertise and Guidance: Professional firms offer expertise in UAE patent law and can provide valuable guidance on maintaining patents, including strategic advice on portfolio management.
  • Administrative Relief: Outsourcing maintenance tasks allows inventors and businesses to focus on their core activities, knowing that their patents are in safe hands.

Timely and effective patent maintenance in the UAE is essential for ensuring that the rights and benefits of a granted patent are fully realized. By leveraging professional maintenance services, patent holders can safeguard their innovations, maintain market competitiveness, and continue to reap the rewards of their intellectual property.

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