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Register Your Patent in Thailand

Protect your invention with our patent registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local patent attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

+ govt fees from $31

Protect your invention with our patent registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local patent attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

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Free global trademark and patent searches, easy task creating and more
Local IP Attorneys
More than 800 IP law firms from 180+ countries, ranking and reviews
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Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results
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24/7 registration and case data access with auto-sync to the patent offices
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Patent Registration in Thailand
From $760 + govt fees from $31
  1. An AI-powered IP assistant that helps you create a detailed assignment within minutes.

  2. Selection of the most suitable local patent attorney based on specific criteria.

  3. Patent search, drafting of an application, consultation, and application filing done by an attorney.

  4. Online monitoring and reporting on the platform throughout the entire process.

  • More than 800 IP law firms from 150+ countries, ranking and reviews

  • An AI-powered IP assistant that helps create tasks and find relevant attorneys

  • Flat fees, secure and fast online payments with guaranteed results

  • 24/7 access to the registration process and online data storage for all your cases

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is patent registration?
Patent registration is a legal process that grants exclusive rights to inventors or assignees over their inventions, preventing others from using or selling the patented invention without permission for a specified period. It encourages innovation, protects intellectual property, and allows inventors to commercialize their inventions.
How much does it cost?
The expenses associated with patent registration fluctuate based on the specific country and the scope of services required. Usually an offer for patent registration is based on number of claims,number of independent claims, number of pages, technology area, scope of work (search, drafting, filing), size of applicant’s entity etc. Our exceptional service ensures utmost transparency, offering you a competitive and predetermined fee for each application within every country.
What countries can I register my patent in?
With an extensive network of experienced attorneys, we offer comprehensive assistance in trademark registration across more than 180 countries globally.
What are the three criteria for registering a patent?
Your patent must: be innovative, have characteristics or functions not known in this field (Novelty); exceed the general technical level of the field, contain solutions that a specialist with average skills cannot come to (High technical level); be suitable for industrial and commercial use (Utility).
What are the main patent registration stages?
There are 5 main stages - drafing the application, filing the application, passing the examination of the application, registering the patent and securing its annual maintenance.
What is a patentability search?
A patentability search is a search through databases of published documents to see if someone else has already described your invention or something similar to it. When you want to file a patent, it’s necessary to conduct a global patentability search and determine the closest technical solutions, find out how the patented technical solution is different from your invention and define the scope of claims to be applied for examination.
What is PCT?
The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) serves to streamline the patent application process, making it feasible to apply for patent protection for an invention simultaneously in 157 countries. There are 2 main phases: an international phase and a national phase. Despite it being an application that simplifies the procedure, you will have to pay fees in each applied country. You also need to file a PCT application within 12 months from tthe date of filing the first application and then you will have 30 months to file for the national phases.
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Patent registration in Thailand


Patents are an essential form of intellectual property protection, providing inventors with exclusive rights to their inventions. In Thailand, patent registration is highly recommended for businesses and individuals looking to protect their innovative ideas.

Statistics of Patents Registration in Thailand

According to the Department of Intellectual Property Thailand, there were over 10,000 patent applications filed in 2020, highlighting the significance of patent protection in the country. By registering a patent, the owner gains the exclusive right to produce, use, and sell their invention, as well as the ability to prevent others from doing so without permission.

Benefits of Patent Registration in Thailand

One of the main benefits of patent registration in Thailand is that it encourages innovation and creativity. By providing inventors with exclusive rights to their inventions, patents incentivize them to continue creating and developing new ideas. This can lead to economic growth and technological advancements for the country.

Requirements for Patent Registration 

To register a patent in Thailand, you must meet certain conditions:

  • novelty;
  • high technicality; 
  • utility. 

While you can file an application yourself, seeking the assistance of a lawyer specializing in intellectual property will simplify the process.

Who Can Help with Patent Registration in Thailand?

You can find an attorney for all IP matters, including patent registration in Thailand, via iPNOTE easily. We offer:

  • A huge database of verified attorneys in Thailand and worldwide; 
  • The AI Assistant which helps you create a detailed request to find the most suitable attorney; 
  • The Attorney’s Marketplace with ratings, company information, and reviews from clients; 
  • A guarantee to find an attorney within 48 hours; 

With a well-established system and a high number of patent applications being filed each year, it's clear that patent registration is crucial for protecting intellectual property in Thailand. 

Start protection with our AI Assistant right now!