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Register Your Design in Portugal

Protect your product appearance, packaging, ornament, interface or interior with our industrial design registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local design attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

+ govt fees from $227

Protect your product appearance, packaging, ornament, interface or interior with our industrial design registration service. Choose from a wide selection of local design attorneys, benefit from low flat fees, assured quality, and enjoy online monitoring throughout the process

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Design Patent Registration in Portugal
From $600 + govt fees from $227
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is design registration?
Design registration is a legal process that grants exclusive rights to the creator of a new and original design. It provides protection against unauthorized copying or imitation of the visual appearance of a product. Design registration focuses solely on the aesthetic aspects of a product and is not concerned with its functionality.
What are the design types?
There are several types of design, including ornamental designs (decorative or artistic in nature), product designs (the unique visual appearance or shape of a product), packaging designs (the visual design or appearance of product packaging), graphic designs (related to graphical elements), and user interface designs (the visual layout or graphical user interface (UI) elements of software), etc.
How much does it cost?
The expenses associated with Design registration fluctuate based on the specific country and the scope of services required. Usually an offer for design registration is based on the state filing fee, individual design or a group design, variants of design, priority claim, and registration fee. Our exceptional service ensures utmost transparency, offering you a competitive and predetermined fee for each application within every country.
Should I seek patent protection for my design?
If you possess a unique design that you fear might be replicated or counterfeited, it is advisable to pursue a design patent application. By filing for a design patent, you secure a 15-year period of exclusive rights to utilize the design starting from the date of filing. This protection safeguards your design from unauthorized use or imitation by others.
What are the main design registration stages?
There are 4 main stages – Filing the application, Submission of the application to the Patent Office, Registration of the design, and Maintenance (the term of design is 10-25 years depending on the country).
What is the Hague procedure?
The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a practical business solution for registering up to 100 designs in 96 countries, by filing a single international application. In the same way as with trademarks, you can file applications in other countries within 6 months. The only difference is that you can still register trademarks after this period has expired, but it is no longer possible to register designs in other countries after 6 months have passed.
How to apply for priority?
If you apply for priority (according to the earlier application filed in the country-party to the Paris Convention or the exhibition priority), you are required to submit the certified copies of priority application with translation into the language of the patent office. Priority can be claimed within 6 months from the date of filing of the first application or publication at the international exhibition.
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Design Patent in Portugal


Design registration plays a vital role in protecting the aesthetic aspects of products or creations. In Portugal, design registration provides legal rights and safeguards against unauthorized use or imitation. 

Benefits of Design Registration in Portugal

Registering a design in Portugal offers several advantages. Firstly, it grants the designer exclusive rights to their creation, preventing others from copying or using it without permission. This exclusivity allows designers to monetize their designs and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Design registration also provides legal protection against infringement, enabling designers to take legal action if their rights are violated.

Statistics of Design Registration in Portugal

The significance of design registration is evident from the increasing number of applications filed in Portugal. Recent data indicates a steady rise in design registrations, with over 5,000 applications filed annually. This demonstrates the growing recognition among designers regarding the value of protecting their creations through design registration.

Key Points of Design Registration in Portugal

To register a design in Portugal, certain requirements must be fulfilled. The design must be new and possess individual character, meaning it should differ significantly from existing designs. It is crucial to provide clear and detailed representations or images of the design during the registration process. Conducting a thorough search to ensure the uniqueness of the design is also essential.

Who Can Help with Design Registration in Portugal? 

You can find an attorney for all IP matters, including design registration in Portugal, via iPNOTE easily. We offer:

  • A huge database of verified attorneys in Portugal and worldwide; 
  • The AI Assistant which helps you create a detailed request to find the most suitable attorney; 
  • The Attorney’s Marketplace with ratings, company information, and reviews from clients; 
  • A guarantee to find an attorney within 48 hours; 

With a well-established system and a high number of design applications being filed each year, it's clear that design registration is crucial for protecting intellectual property in Portugal. 

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