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Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia

Once the design patent gets a positive decision, it is issued. No active steps are required from the applicant at this stage. The patent remains effective for 15 years without maintenance fees

+ govt fees from $13

Once the design patent gets a positive decision, it is issued. No active steps are required from the applicant at this stage. The patent remains effective for 15 years without maintenance fees

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Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia
From $79 + govt fees from $13
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is industrial design granting?
Industrial design granting refers to the process by which the Indonesian government grants protection and exclusive rights to the creators of new and original industrial designs for a specified period. It aims to encourage innovation and creativity in the industrial sector by safeguarding the rights of designers.
Who is eligible to apply for industrial design granting in Indonesia?
Any individual or legal entity, whether domestic or foreign, can apply for industrial design granting in Indonesia. The applicant must be the creator or rightful owner of the design.
What qualifies as an industrial design in Indonesia?
Industrial designs in Indonesia refer to any composition of lines or colors or any three-dimensional form, whether or not associated with lines or colors, that gives a special appearance to a product of industry or handicraft.
How long does industrial design protection last in Indonesia?
Industrial design protection in Indonesia lasts for an initial period of 10 years from the filing date of the application, with the possibility of extending protection for an additional period of five years, totaling a maximum of 15 years.
What are the benefits of obtaining industrial design protection in Indonesia?
Obtaining industrial design protection in Indonesia grants the holder exclusive rights to use, produce, sell, or license the protected design, thereby preventing others from using it without permission. This exclusivity can provide a competitive advantage in the market and help safeguard investments in design innovation.
How can I apply for industrial design granting in Indonesia?
To apply for industrial design granting in Indonesia, the applicant must submit an application to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR) along with the necessary documentation, including drawings or photographs of the design and a description of its features.
What is the process for reviewing and approving industrial design applications in Indonesia?
The DGIPR conducts a formal examination to ensure that the application meets all the necessary requirements. Once the application is deemed complete, it undergoes substantive examination to determine its compliance with the criteria for industrial design protection. If approved, the applicant will receive a certificate of industrial design registration.
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Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia: Protecting Innovation and Creativity


In the dynamic landscape of Indonesia's industrial sector, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Among the myriad tools fostering innovation, industrial design granting stands out as a pivotal mechanism. 

What is Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia?

Industrial design granting in Indonesia refers to the legal protection provided to the unique visual aspects of a product, enhancing its commercial value. It encompasses the aesthetic and ornamental features that appeal to consumers, distinguishing products in the market.

The Importance of Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia

In a competitive market, industrial design granting fosters creativity and originality. It incentivizes businesses to invest in research and development, leading to the creation of innovative products. Moreover, it safeguards the rights of designers, encouraging a culture of respect for intellectual property.

Key Steps in the Industrial Design Granting Process in Indonesia

The process begins with filing an application with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. Subsequently, a thorough examination ensues to ensure compliance with legal requirements and uniqueness criteria. Upon approval, the design is granted legal protection for a specified period, typically ten years, renewable upon request.

Benefits of Industrial Design Granting in Indonesia

Industrial design granting confers numerous advantages to both businesses and consumers. For businesses, it provides a competitive edge by safeguarding their investment in product development. Furthermore, it facilitates market expansion and enables licensing agreements, fostering collaboration and innovation. For consumers, it ensures access to a diverse range of quality products, enriching their choices and enhancing user experience.

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